Dice Commissions

Our dice commissions are currently open!

We will work with you to fully design a set of dice especially for you. We can make a set based on a character, your favourite colours or even just a vibe you like! 

Fill out the form to get started, starting prices are listed below!

Thanks for submitting!

Commission Prices

Existing out of stock design                     From $100
Existing design in custom colours         From $100

Simple new design                                       From $120

New design with inclusions                      From $140

Please note that there is a 25% non refundable deposit for all commissions. If you have paid more than this and need to cancel your order, we will refund all but 25% of the total cost, excluding shipping. 

Commissions are generally shipped within 4-12 weeks of the initial payment. If there are any delays beyond this, this will be communicated with you.