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Resin Dice

Indulge your goblin tendencies with a set of our hand-poured, polished and inked resin dice!  Our handmade dice are the perfect TTRPG accessory!

Handmade resin dice
Handmade resin dice, dice box and dice bag

D&D Accessories

Everything you need to bring your D&D game to the next level!


Add some nerdy flair to your keys with one of our acrylic keychains! We have a range of vinyl and engraved designs available across a range of fandoms. 

Star Wars Keychain


Jazz up your notebooks, laptops, drinks bottles with our range of D&D and fandom-themed stickers!



Cozy yourself up with a cute, nerdy wheatbag! Available as handwarmers, standard wheatbags or neck and shoulder bags.

Harry Potter Wheatbag

Patches & Apparel

Check out our range of iron on patches and embroidered headwear! Perfect for bringing a little nerdy flair to your favourite outfit. 


Up your decor game with our range of nerdy hand embroideries! 
Our embroideries are felt-backed and framed in their hoops, and make a great decor piece (or gift, if you're feeling generous).

Star Wars Embroidery
Handmade Masks NZ

Face Masks

Stay safe and look cute!
All of our masks are made with 2 layers of cotton or cotton blends, with a pocket for you to add your own filter if you wish, and a nose wire for a secure and comfortable fit. Perfect for those who struggle with steamy glasses! 

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