The Colour of Magic - UV Reactive Dice Set

The Colour of Magic - UV Reactive Dice Set


You'll be spellbound by the colour of magic! These UV reactive dice look opalescent indoors, with shimmering iridescent foil and glitter, but when you expose them to sunlight or a UV light source, that's when the fun begins! Swirls of glittering pink, purple and blue reveal themselves, just like... well, magic!


A 7 piece set of polyhedral dice used for TTRPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and Call of Cthulhu.


Important Note:
All dice sets are handcrafted, which means no two sets will be exactly the same.  We are still fairly new to dice making, which means that these dice have some flaws, and have been priced accordingly! In any dice that we are selling, the flaws are superficial and do not affect the rolling or balance. In any handcrafted set, you may see makers marks such as minor bubbles, sanding marks or surface microscratches. Anything beyond these minor marks will be specified in the description below!


Please note there are multiples of this set, so sets may vary slightly from the pictures.

Makers marks in this set include:
D20: Minor flattening of the shape - this does not affect balance or rolling. Slight number depth inconsistency on 19 and 7.

D10: Set 1 - Slight chip on 9 face.